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Knowledge of different fields of design is required to develop a great project, product or idea and we did specialize in a wide range of design services.

  • Yacht Design

    “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” – ROBERT FROST

    We think about Yacht Design as poetry on water. A yacht should reflect the personal feelings and emotions of its owner. We believe the yacht design should be an extension of the life-style of its “owner” and we try to create a perfect fit.

    Yacht design is our studio’s main focus. We identify the need and purpose of the yacht according to every client’s profile. Every one of us is different in thinking, vision and taste and the dream yacht should reflect that through a perfect balance between aesthetics, engineering and functionality.

    We can help realizing your vision, step by step: from the first preliminary sketches, defining purposes, exterior styling, choosing a shipyard, architect, collaborating with in-house project managers and engineers, up to supervising the final phases of building processes in making your yacht a reality.

  • Product Design

    “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” –  RALPH WALDO EMERSON


    Every day we are surrounded by thousands of objects. We interact with them and make our lives easier. We desire products and objects that look good, are easy to use, fulfill our needs.

    Designing a product is a long process of creation, research, analyzing different ways to solve problems and chose the better one regarding functionality, aesthetics and materials.

    The most important thing to take in consideration when designing a product is its function. A great design can be shown through simple yet great ideas

    We focus on creating complete designs in terms of shape, function, user interaction and presentation by offering our support through the entire creation process: from a simple idea to developing and manufacturing the product itself.

  • Corporate Identity

    “Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” -ORSON WELLES


    A Corporate identity or brand identity is the way a business, a corporation or a person are perceived by the public. The Corporate identity is the suit tailored for your business or activity and is the manner you present yourself to clients, investors and employees.

    To built a great brand is a lot of work and the image that accompanies the brand should reflect the aims of the business, professionalism, target audience and ideas.

    When designing a great identity you have to take into consideration the profile of your business starting from its name and logo to every document, every product related to the company, the website, the applications. All have to reflect a unique style, different from other businesses.

    We can provide all the creativity needed to build a great image for your business.

  • Graphic Design

    “It’s much easier to consume the visual image than to read something” – LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI


    What we see has a lot of influence in our lives. Images are used to promote ideas, share feelings and not at least to have fun.

    Graphic design is the use of perfect proportions and appropriate layout in blending typography, photography and illustration. Graphic design applies to everything visual, from logo design, business card, stationaries, posters, catalogs, signs, manuals, book covers, flags, banners etc.

    It is a great marketing tool because it is used to attract people through visual elements and to help promote better an idea, a business or a product.

    Graphic design is also used in human – computer interfaces interactions and combined with user experience design to create a more intuitive and easy way for using products, applications and websites.

    We can respond to the need of graphic design with passion, innovation and creativity.

  • Packaging Design



    Every product we buy has a package, and it has many purposes like to protect the product, to attract consumers, to inform about its content. Packaging design is an important discipline of graphic design and it is the first contact with the product. Many have said that packaging sells and is partially true if it is backed up by a great brand image and a good product and marketing strategy.


    The packaging design has to be eye- catching, beautiful, attractive, easy to read but also has to be easily reproduced.  We can see different approaches regarding packaging design regarding the industry of the product but now more than ever we can see the importance of packaging design.


    Creating a unique package for your product that will have great impact on the market is a great responsibility and we can help you achieve the appropriate/suitable design for your product

  • Web Design

    “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― PAUL COOKSON


    Is clear that the internet has become a part of our lives and a website is an indispensable tool for every business. If we interact with businesses or people we make a quick search on internet about them and you are influenced about what you find.

    A website should help promote a business, should help attract new clients and should reflect de way you want your business to be perceived.

    There are different types of websites and every website has to be designed by taking in consideration what you want to promote most about your business. It is your product, your heritage,  your company values, everything influence the approach to design it.

    We believe that every business is unique and it’s website has to enhance its uniqueness. That is why we promote to built unique websites tailored for specific businesses and purposes by using great visuals, clean design and user experience design.

    We can design and build your website from scratch: from the preliminary sketches to its launching online and even afterwards, through continuous support.

  • 3D Modeling & Visualization

    “A visual sense is something you either have or you don’t” . ELLIOTT ERWITT


    3D modeling and 3D visualization is a great service for those who want to promote an idea, a product for which they don’t have a finished model. It is a great way to see a design from different perspectives for development or even marketing purposes. You can use it to analyze the design in different phases of development or to present a product or idea to a possible investor.


    You can use 3d Visualization on a packaging design, in a website, a brochure of the product.

    The benefits of it are that you can present your product in many ways like exploded views, different color options or even small animations.

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